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On Sunday, May 7th, immediately following the church service, members and visitors of all ages at Redeemer Church came together for a fun time of games, music, food, and fellowship. Some of the activities included the annual cornhole competition, a basketball tournament, jumping houses, face painting for the children, and live music performances from a variety of Redeemer’s members.

unnamed-4In spite of some unexpected setbacks, which included one food truck company experiencing transportation issues that delayed them over an hour and another food truck breaking down completely and never arriving at all, a team of expert hot dog grillers rushed to the aid of all the hungry people and still happened to feed the five thousand, or more like the five hundred in our case. One of Redeemer’s greeters, Will Wittenbrook, and his wife, Natalie, went as far as to give out hotdog buns from their personal stash until they ran out. In addition to the hotdogs, the True Friend Connection care group strode in like knights in shining armor with their delicious chicken skewers that seemed to multiply by the minute! All in all, the people of Redeemer succeeded in combating hunger until a food truck arrived.

unnamed-6While hotdogs and skewers provide incentive for attendance, the people of Redeemer look forward to more than just the food at this annual event. Having arrived merely as cornhole contestants, brothers Jonathan and Justin Hunt left the picnic as the Redeemer Church cornhole champions of 2017. Other contestants, however, did not have the privilege of such a victory. In fact, in spite of my efforts and endeavors to at least make it past the first round, my determination served to no avail as I inevitably fell into the category of first-round eliminations. Nevertheless, the support I received from my gracious church family made the attempt worthwhile and even fun.

Overall, the picnic reminded me of the ultimate purpose we carry as the Body of Christ. Where plans may fail and food trucks may break down, the Church plays a vital role in remaining attentive to the opportunities in which we can come together and fill in the gaps for one another. The picnic reminded me of our call to operate as a family. Above all, it reminded me that in the midst of love, fellowship, and joy, any event can morph into an opportunity for us to treasure Christ, love one another, and reach our world – yes, even at a church picnic! Christ already made it possible, so let’s make it our mission.