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For four years, from August 2014 – 2018, Redeemer Church partnered with Leadership Resources International to bring training to a group of pastors in Western Uganda.  Below is the report from Doug Dunton of LRI:

In 2010, Leadership Resources began working in Uganda. Our goal was a simple one: serve the church of Jesus Christ by training pastors in biblical exposition. Over the past decade, the vision evolved. The mission grew and deepened. No longer is the goal to simply train pastors in exposition, but now we long to see an indigenous National Training Team take on the ownership and leadership of a training movement across Uganda.

This year, we have taken one small step and one giant leap in making this vision a reality.

In January 2019, a small step was taken as we joyfully attended not one but two training group graduation ceremonies. After four years of rigorous training, pastors in Ibanda and Kisoro faithfully completed and graduated from our training program.

In both places, testimonies were shared by pastors who had been personally transformed by God’s Word and who were now leading transformed ministries as a result.

Moses (right), a pastor from Ibanda, expressed deep gratitude for the training because Ibanda is off the beaten path in Uganda. As such, it is often overlooked and neglected. But it has not been overlooked by God.

Uncovering His message in Habakkuk proved to be an uncovering of Michael’s heart. Confessing his spirit of self-righteousness and judgmentalism seemed to be freeing for more than just himself but his fellow pastors as well. Christ continues to transform the lives of His servants through His living Word, even in Ibanda.

Further west, where gorillas inhabit the mountains, Kisoro is also experiencing the mighty work of God. Jackson describes his preaching before this training as “bogus” and “misleading people.” Now he is working hard at “staying on line” of God’s Word in his preaching and training.

Another pastor from Kisoro, Johnson, is a seminary graduate. However, he lamented that his courses on sermon preparation just puffed up his head, having little to do with his heart or the heart of his people. LRI training has worked on his heart as well as his head so that his life is transformed by the Word of God.
Consider how far we have come, by God’s grace, from when we first began. We began by seeking to lead a few training groups with Ugandan pastors to now establishing a National Team of Ugandan Mentor Trainers, who are able to facilitate effective training workshops, train up the next generations of expositional preachers and teachers, and strategically lead the work across Uganda and beyond!

And, in point of fact, the Ugandan National Training Team is not limited by their own national borders, as they have already launched training      groups in northern Kenya and Southern Sudan.

What’s more, they are preparing to launch training groups in neighboring Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo!

This map was drawn and presented by Jacques Masiko, Country Director for Uganda, during a gathering of the East Africa Regional Strategy  Team (RST) meetings in November 2018. The RST wholeheartedly endorsed the plan and encouraged the Uganda National Training Team to  move forward with this multinational expansion plan.

Doug Dunton, LRI’s Regional Director for Africa, has been able to sit in on several trainings being led by the Ugandan National Training Team. This is, of course, a strategic opportunity on our part, as we are then able to observe them in action, providing guidance and coaching for them as they continue to grow and develop in their capacity and confidence as trainers. To say that Doug was pleased with their leadership and ministry would be an understatement!

You can watch Doug share his own perspective on the quality of their training efforts in an 80 second video clip. You can find it here: Kisoro, Uganda

God is at work in Uganda! And we have the privilege to take part in His glorious work!

The Ugandan National Team is faithfully and effectively advancing pastoral training across the country and beyond. And in doing so, they are advancing God’s Word and Christ’s Kingdom as well! As Doug concludes in his video, “To God be the Glory. Amen.