You may want to begin your discussion with an ice-breaker.

On Sunday we looked at what John Calvin called the “hinge” of the book of Romans. In Romans 1:16-17 Paul summarizes his message to the Romans and points us toward the many other topics he will cover in his letter. This includes topics like sin and wrath, justification by faith, sanctification, God’s sovereignty, and Christian community. However, the basis of all this is found in this pregnant phrase: the righteousness of God. Paul is eager to preach the gospel because the gospel is the power of God. The gospel is the power of God because the gospel message reveals the righteousness of God. In the gospel we not only see God’s righteousness as an attribute of who he is and what he has done, but we also receive God’s righteousness by faith.

Read Romans 1:16-17

What stood out to you from the sermon on Sunday?

When did this truth about receiving God’s righteousness by faith first impact you?

Where are the moments in your life when you tend to depend on your own righteousness?

Why is it good news that our salvation depends on God’s righteousness and not our own righteousness?

End with a time of prayer for gospel fruit in each other’s lives.