You might find it helpful to begin your discussion with an ice-breaker question.

On Sunday morning we looked Romans 1:21-25 as the first excursus in our Romans series. In this first excursus we looked at the topic of idolatry. Idolatry, as Tim Keller pointed out, is not merely one sin among many, but rather the fundamental problem of the human heart. Idolatry happens anytime we honor or trust in some created thing instead of, or more than, God the Creator. God shows his grace to us by revealing the idols of our hearts and inviting us to trust in him who is trustworthy and able to satisfy all our desires.

Is this idea of sin as idolatry new to you or are you familiar with this idea?

How do our hearts manufacture idols?

How do the idols in our hearts lead to sin in our lives?

How does this discussion of idolatry make you reflect on your own life?

How has the Lord shown you grace in revealing idolatry in your heart?

Pray for each other, asking the Lord to continue his revealing and saving work in our lives.