On Sunday, we moved into the second chapter of Romans where Paul makes it explicit that God shows no partiality, but judges all sin in every human. Because of this, Eric pointed out that no matter how morally clean you think you are, no one is safe from the wrath of God outside of Christ. This consideration of the wrath of God gives us the opportunity to reflect on the truth that Christianity is not about making people better, but about making wrath-deserving sinners right with God. It also gives us the opportunity to evaluate our own hearts for any hint of superiority.

Read Romans 2:1-11.

What stood out to you as we read these verses?

When have you experienced hypocrisy?

What does it look like to “presume on the riches of his kindness” (verse 4) and “store up wrath for yourself” (verse 5)?

By contrast, what does it look like to live a life of repentance (verse 4) and “seek for glory” (verse 7) and “obey the truth” (verse 8)?

Paul’s bottom line in this section is that God shows no partiality. How does your heart respond to that truth?

When do you find yourself tempted to spiritual pride?

End in a time of prayer for each other that you will live a life of repentance in light of God’s kindness and impartiality.