On Sunday, Eric looked at the first twenty verses of Romans 3, and addressed original sin. We’ve all inherited the sin of Adam and experience total depravity. This does not mean that we are as bad as we could be (i.e. utter depravity), but that all of us are affected by sin in every aspect of our being, even in our own human moral goodness. It’s in light of the reality of our sin that we see our need for a savior and the grace of God.

Read Romans 3:1-20

Eric used a dead body as an illustration of inherited sin. How did it hit you when he asked, “What can a dead body do?”

Looking back at your own personal history, when did you begin to be aware of your own sin?

What are some differences between human moral goodness and the obedience of faith?

How can you tell if you are relating to others (such as your spouse, friends, children, employees, etc.) according to human moral goodness or the obedience of faith?

Pray for each other to live according to the obedience of faith in what Christ purchased for us.