On Sunday, Eric asked us the question, “Who do you think you are?” He asked this in response to Paul’s argument in Romans 6:1-14. Paul argues that Jesus died and has been raised, defeating both sin and death. To be a Christian is to be united to Christ in such a way that we reckon that we died with Christ and were raised with him. Because of this, we have died to sin and death, and have been raised to live for God. Therefore the road to freedom from sin in your life is to consider that you are already dead and freed from sin. This consideration is so important.

Read Romans 6:1-14.

When do you feel most alive to sin?

What is at stake in your life this week if you consider yourself alive to sin and dead to God?

How do you consider yourself dead to sin and alive to God?

How do you present yourself to God as an instrument of righteousness?

Pray for each other, presenting yourselves to God as instruments of righteousness.