On Sunday we were invited to use our imaginations to follow Paul’s argument in Romans 6. Paul makes it clear that there is no middle ground; either we present ourselves to Christ or we present ourselves to sin. However, as believers, we have been set free from sin to serve God. It’s at this point that Paul invites us to use our imaginations by appealing to the memory of slavery to sin. Eric used the illustration of a vast prison. Imagine growing up, living your life within the prison to one day discover that a rescuer had opened a door in the prison wall. After escaping with your rescuer, can you imagine leaving your newfound freedom to return to imprisonment?

Read Romans 6:12-23

What do you picture when you imagine growing up within a vast prison?

How would you describe the experience of being rescued from that prison?

How does this illustration help you to think about your relationship with Christ our Savior?

Read Romans 6:17-18. What is the difference between being “slaves of sin” and becoming “obedient from the heart” to Christ and his teaching?

Pray for each other to live according to your freedom in Christ.