On Sunday we dived in to Romans 8, where Paul isn’t simply providing a water hose to put out the fire of condemnation in our lives, but instead wants to revolutionize how we see life in this world. There is no condemnation left for us because no condemnation made it past the cross. Through Christ we’ve been set free to walk in the Holy Spirit and we’ve been set free from the nagging feeling that we’re never enough. In Christ, God condemned sin in the flesh and has set us free.

Read Romans 8:1-4

How has God spoken to you through these verses?

When do you tend to experience that nagging feeling that you’re never enough?

What do you picture when you hear that “no condemnation made it past the cross”?

If God, in Christ, does not condemn you, where do thoughts of condemnation in your life come from?

Pray for each other to walk in the freedom Christ bought for us.