On Sunday we considered the kind of pride which tempts us to think that we are mainly in control of our lives. James says that planning from this mindset is evil boasting. It’s not the planning itself, but the mindset that is the problem. Eric used the illustration of an “Etch A Sketch” to ask us to consider our response when our plans get turned upside-down and shaken. In light of this, we looked at the life of Joseph. He didn’t complain, but recognized that God is the one who is in control. With this trust, he could see that God intended even the evil intention of his brothers to work for his good.

Read James 4:13-17

How have you responded to your “Etch A Sketch” being shaken in the last couple months?

When are you most tempted to complain?

In James 4, what is the difference between verse 13 and verse 15?

Which of your plans are the most difficult to entrust to the Lord?

Pray for each other to trust the Lord’s good intention.