On Sunday we looked at the future of Israel, God’s sovereign mercy, and the humble response of faith. We explored Paul’s expectation of a dramatic turning of ethnic Israel toward Christ after the full number of Gentiles have been grafted in. Accordingly, Paul expects God to be faithful to his promises and use the mercy he has demonstrated to us Gentiles to extend mercy to ethnic Israel. In light of this, Paul exhorts us to join him in a trembling humility and eager dependence on God to continue his sovereign work of salvation among all nations.

Read Romans 11:11-32

What stood out to you from this passage?

How does this passage humble you? How does this passage encourage you?

Read 11:22 again. What do you think about God’s kindness and severity as Paul describes it here?

Read 11:28 again. How do the gospel and election teach us to love our ethnic enemies? Can you think of examples?

How does “salvation by faith” open the door of salvation to all ethnicities?

Pray for each other to be humbled by God’s sovereign mercy.