On Sunday Eric pointed us toward Paul’s response to God’s revelation in Romans. Paul’s response to the gospel is explosive worship in verses 33-36. This exaltation is fueled by what we do know about God, as well as what we don’t know about God. This explosive exaltation is also fueled by our humble acknowledgement of our total dependence on God. Because of this, we never separate our theology from our doxology. Truth about God always leads us toward worship.

Read Romans 11:33-36.

What stands out to you about Paul’s worship in these verses?

Eric described two kinds of people: those who love the worship and check out during teaching, and those who see worship as the “pre-game” and the teaching as the main event. Where do you see yourself?

How have your understanding of God’s truth (theology) and your expression of worship (doxology) grown in the last year?

What is one way you can grow in connecting your theology and your doxology?

Pray for each other to join Paul in growing understanding and worship.