On Sunday we crossed a major division in Romans, from the first eleven chapters to the last five. In chapter 12, Paul begins to answer the question, “How do we live as Christians in light of the truth of chapters 1-11?” One way we have answered this question at Redeemer Church is by referring to the functional centrality of the Gospel. This can be pictured as three concentric circles. In the center circle the news about what God has accomplished in Jesus forms the beating heart of the Christian life. The second circle of truths or doctrinal implications of the Gospel surround the center and flow from it. Similarly, the outer circle of behavior or Gospel conduct puts these truths into practice. In this way, the Gospel begins to function in the life of the Christian like a nuclear reactor at the heart of a submarine.

Read Romans 12:1

What is one truth that has stayed with you from Romans chapters 1-11?

How does that truth connect to your daily Christian walk?

One major truth in Romans is justification by faith in Christ. Eric shared the illustration of singing in American Idol: singing for approval vs. singing from approval. What does that look like in your life with Christ?

Where do you want to grow when you think about whole life worship to God?

Pray for each other to live worshipfully in light of the Gospel.