This Sunday we began to consider the question, “How do believers in every age and culture relate to their governing authorities?” Its helpful to remember our role as citizens also relates to our “obedience of faith.” Paul instructs us to be in subjection to these authorities because there is no authority except that which is established by God. This is for the good of society, to provide order and restrain evil in the world. This subjection must also be informed by conscience, because our subjection is ultimately to God, not the state. Our current political climate gives us an opportunity to evaluate whether we carry what Eric labeled a revolutionary heart, a political heart, or a heart of faith.

Read Romans 13:1-7

How did Eric define a revolutionary heart, a political heart, and a heart of faith?

Which heart best describes your own heart response to politics?

How is it possible to have a glad disposition toward a government because of God?

How does our current political climate drive you to prayer?

Pray together to have hearts of faith and for God to govern our government.