On Sunday we looked into an obscure squabble in the church at Rome in order to consider a very important issue for our church. Paul wants us to be aware of the danger of judging and despising brothers and sisters in Christ who hold different convictions and opinions than we hold. He reminds us that both we and our brothers and sisters will stand before the Lord and give an account of our life in this world. He also reminds us that we will be saved through judgment because Jesus has welcomed us and will uphold us.

Read Romans 14:1-12.

What is opinion or conviction you hold that has become important in your life as a Christian?

Have you experienced feeling like you were “in the majority” or “in the minority” because of that conviction? What was that like?

What dangers do you see for our church in this category of personal convictions?

When was a time that you felt welcomed and accepted even though you may have disagreed with someone?

How is the Lord calling you to live out being both ”fully convinced in your own mind” and “not despising or judging your brother/sister?”

Pray for each other to reflect Christ to one another.