As we moved further into Paul’s discussion of the “strong” and the “weak,” we took some time this week to focus on the strong. Eric gave a word to the strong in four exhortations. First, never cause another believer to stumble. Second, violating conscience equals doing spiritual harm. Third, put first things first. And fourth, when in doubt, keep your freedoms to yourself. We have an opportunity to walk in love by looking for opportunities to demonstrate our care to our brothers and sisters in the church.

Read Romans 14:13-15:1

What stands out to you as you hear this passage read aloud?

Have you experienced a friend or fellow believer having particular convictions that you did not share?

In what ways was it challenging to express your love for that person?

What dangers do you see for our church during this season where people have many opinions across a range of issues?

What opportunities do you see for our church during this season?

Pray for each other that we will bear with one another during this season.