As we moved into Romans 15 this week, we heard “a word to us all” as Paul wraps up this section on welcoming each other in the midst of diverse opinions. These opinions in disputable matters can be very divisive for Christians, causing people to cut off relationships, leave churches, and condemn one another. It is interesting that for Paul, the contrast with disagreement in these matters is not agreement but harmony with each other and unified praise toward God. We live for each other in these matters, not for ourselves. The welcome we have received from Christ is reflected in the welcome we offer to one another. This is a welcome that will last far longer than the temporal matters which divide us.

Read Romans 15:1-7

In verse 1, what does bearing with each other look like in real life?

How would our church look if we were preoccupied with living out verses 2 and 3, rather than preoccupied with opinions in disputable matters?

How does the way we treat one another in disputable matters contribute to our endurance in faith?

What is one way you can grow in your “welcome” this week?

Pray for each other to bear with each other and welcome one another as Christ has welcomed us.