On Sunday we looked at Paul’s travel plans as he wrote to the Roman church. His goal was to present his readers as an acceptable and sanctified offering to God. Paul boasted that Christ himself was working through Paul to call Gentile believers to himself. So his ambition was to preach, by the power of the Holy Spirit, where people had never heard about Christ. And so he tells the Romans that after he has enjoyed some time with them, his intention is to go to Spain, the barbarian frontier.

In Paul’s travel plans we saw the implication that we belong to God because he has given us a savior. We are inseparably his and he has promised to be with us. This new relational reality has a “de-centering” effect on us because we find our identity, security, and hope in Christ now, not our culture, background, or location. Because of this, we can partner together in Christ’s work in local and global mission. Among all the mission opportunities we see, we must give special consideration to families, communities, cities, regions, and nations where Christ is not named.

Read Romans 15:14-24

What stood out to you from this passage?

How does this passage stir you to worship God?

Have you ever had the opportunity to talk to an individual or group of people who had never really heard of Christ?

What aspects of local and global mission stir your heart?

Is there a community or nation, where Christ is not known, that has captured your attention?

Pray for each other.