On Sunday we considered the desires, delays, and disappointments Paul experienced in his mission. We know now that Paul’s plans didn’t work out the way he had pictured. He did later arrive at Rome and spend some time among the believers. However, he did not travel there in the way he had anticipated and his plans to go on mission to Spain apparently never came to fruition. We see in this that our lives are marked by our desires as well as by the delays and disappointments we experience. In all of these things, we have a Father in heaven who loves us and invites us to hope in him in everything.

Read Romans 15:24-33

What stood out to you from the passage?

When have you experienced a delay or disappointment in your desires?

What is one desire you are waiting on right now?

How are you finding hope in the Lord while you wait on your desire?

Pray for each desire and longing, and to find your hope in the Lord.