As Paul is writing to his coworkers at Rome, he warns them about people who pretend to be coworkers but aren’t. In fact, they are the opposite. These people are actually “anti-workers,” working against the church and tearing it apart with divisive teaching that contradicts the teaching of the apostles. This points us to the importance of the church as we give testimony to the work of Christ. This also highlights the heart of heresy. In the face of this, Paul holds out the promise that God will soon crush our adversary under our feet. There is a coming victory. Because of this we can diligently work to keep an eye out for divisive teaching and avoid these anti-workers.

Read Romans 16:17-20

What stood out to you from this passage?

How does the church testify to the truth of what God has done through Christ?

What does it look like for a person to “not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites?”

How do you test to see what is at the center of your own life?

When have you encountered divisive teaching like Paul describes?

What are the doctrinal and relational impacts of this kind of divisive teaching?

Pray for the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to be with each of you.