On Sunday we looked at the concluding doxology of Paul’s letter to the Romans. This gave us the opportunity to consider four reflections on the gospel. First, God strengthens us in the gospel. It is through the news about what Christ has done that we see clearly that God is for us. Second, the gospel is the mystery revealed. Jesus Christ becomes the clear answer to our questions about God. Third, the gospel is going viral around the world. Paul’s heart for the Romans represents God’s heart for all nations. Fourth, the gospel must be believed and lived out. Through the gospel God will bring about the obedience of faith in every nation. Because of this, God alone will receive the glory for what he has done. We are so thankful for this message in Romans.

Read Romans 16:25-27

What stood out to you from this passage?

What is one aspect of God’s work in the gospel that you are especially thankful for?

What is one truth from Romans that has stayed with you?

Where do you see the Lord working to complete the “obedience of faith” in your life?

Who is one person you are praying for (or could pray for), asking God to bring about the obedience of faith in their life?

Pray for each other and these people, that God would finish his gospel work.