On Sunday, Eric showed us how the historical grew out of the biblical. More specifically, he took us on a reflective tour of Romans, showing us how the five points of Calvinism grew out of Paul’s teaching in Romans. Although we don’t directly refer to these five points very often, they do provide a helpful summary of the doctrines of grace that we value. These terms – total depravity, unconditional election, limited atonement, irresistible grace, and perseverance of the saints – are shorthand for the precious truths of Romans. They remind us that Almighty God has done everything to save us by bringing us back into fellowship with himself.

What stood out to you from Sunday’s sermon?

How do these five points help summarize salvation?

Which of the five points gives you the most confidence?

How do these five points point you to God’s work?

If you were going to provide a summary of God’s work in Romans to someone who had never heard the gospel, what would you say?

Pray for each other to walk in the mercy of Almighty God.