On Sunday we reflected on the Epistle to the Romans through the lens of missions. Through this lens, we saw Romans as evidence of Christian mission, as testimony of God’s mission, and as an invitation to join God on mission. Missions is not a merely human activity but is primarily the mission of God. God is creating a people for himself through Christ’s redemption from every ethnicity. The Holy Spirit is seeking those for whom Christ died to draw them into God’s family and set them free from sin and death. There is an intercessory conversation happening in heaven to sustain and finish this mission on earth. When we hear Jesus say to us, “As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you,” we begin to redefine our personal narrative. Like Paul, we are the ones with beautiful feet, sent into the world with the gospel message.

Read Romans 10:13-15 and 15:8-9

What do you see in Romans when you look at it through a missions lens?

How does the idea that God is on mission change your view of Christian missions?

Why does God deserve glory for God’s mission?

When you read Romans 10:15, who’s feet do you think of?

There are many ways God’s mission is being walked out on earth. What are one or two ways you are involved in God’s mission on earth?

Pray for God’s mission to continue to bear fruit locally and globally.