As Eric noted on Sunday, “one does not simply come to the end of the book of Romans.” However, Sunday’s message represents the end of our fifteen-month sermon series through the book of Romans. We reflected on three themes that will give us “handles” on the book of Romans when we look back in the future. First, in Romans we see our gospel need. In our sin, without God, we are storing up wrath for ourselves throughout this life. However, Romans also shows us gospel power. Although we are all neck-deep in sin, God provides power for salvation through the gospel message. This leads to gospel fruitfulness. We enjoy deep and abiding security, unity, and true hope as fruit which the gospel bears in our lives. In this way, we see that the gospel, as Tim Keller describes it, is not the a-b-c’s of Christianity, but the “a” to “z” of the Christian life.

Choose one or two of the following passages to read:

Romans 1:16-18, Romans 3:10-18, Romans 3:21-26, Romans 8:35-39

How has your understanding of our need for the gospel grown through our study of Romans? To ask the same question another way…If an unbelieving friend asked you why you need the gospel, what would you say?

What gospel fruit are you experiencing in your life this year?

Where do you long to see more gospel fruit?

Pray for each other and for our church, that we would be characterized by our gospel need, gospel power, and gospel fruit.