On Sunday, Eric offered four words for us to consider from Philippians 1:1-10. As we consider the year we’ve come from and the year we are beginning, these words serve as a good exhortation for our church. However, these four words only make sense when we see each other the way God sees us. The four words are: gratitude, partnership, confidence, and prayer.

We are grateful for the work God has done in bringing us into fellowship with one another. However, its good to go a further step and express that to each other, making that thankful feeling explicit in our interaction. God has brought us together to partner in the work of making disciples and building the church, both locally and globally. Our confidence in our partnership is our confidence in Christ. This confidence drives us to pray for our fellowship and mission to increase in maturity and fruitfulness. We have the opportunity to live out these four words as we step into the new year.

Read Philippians 1:1-10

Who is one person you are grateful for in our church or in your community group?

How did the Lord lead you in gospel partnership last year?

How do you sense the Lord leading you in gospel partnership in the coming year?

What do you see the Lord doing in our church right now?

Read 1:9-11. Close in a time of prayer for each other using these verses to set a pace for your prayers.