The God of the Bible is the one true God over history and kings and all wisdom and knowledge and power belongs to him. This God is pictured as the revealer of history in Daniel chapter 2. Through Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and Daniel’s interpretation, God revealed the origin, point, and goal of history. Because of sin, we need a king. However, because of sin, kings rise and fall, kingdoms come and go. In answer to this problem, God will raise up an unfailing kingdom.

In this dream, God was revealing a picture of Jesus Christ and the kingdom he would inaugurate. This is why Jesus came with the message, “Repent, for the kingdom of God is near.” The kingdom of God is continuing to grow on the earth, moving into every nation on the earth, just as God revealed in the book of Daniel. We have hope because the kingdom Jesus inaugurated will never come to an end and he is the king who will never fail. We will consider this further next week.

Read Daniel 2:26-45

How do you think about being a Christian and an American?

What does it look like for Christians to live as engaged and patriotic citizens?

Where is the line between appropriate allegiance and ultimate hope when it comes to living as a Christian with competing authorities like government, job, etc.?

Where are you finding hope in Jesus’ unfailing kingdom right now?

Pray for each other to live engaged according to what God has revealed in Daniel 2.