Last week we looked at the origin, point, and goal of scripture. This week we see the interpretation of the dream. In the interpretation we see the material downgrade of human kingdoms progressing toward the in-breaking of God’s kingdom. There is a contrast between the product of humanity and the creation of God. The kingdom of God, symbolized by the stone, crushes the human kingdoms and then grows to be a mountain that fills the whole earth.

However, we see the fulfillment of God’s kingdom in the ministry of Jesus Christ. This helps us remember that the way God’s kingdom “crushes” all human kingdoms is upside-down to our human expectations. We expect that when two kingdoms come into conflict, there will be violence, intimidation, and force. But then we remember Jesus teaching us to love our enemies. We remember Jesus exhorting us to use our power to serve others. We remember Jesus teaching us to store up our treasure in heaven. And more importantly, we see that Jesus practiced what he preached. As Paul points out, Jesus triumphed over all rulers and authorities through the cross. Because of this, the kingdom of God will come to fill the whole earth.

Read Daniel 2:36-49

What stood out to you from this passage?

How does this passage inform your view of Christianity?

How has Jesus surprised you as a conquering king?

Where do you see repentance and worship growing in your heart in light of this passage?

Pray for each other to believe, repent, and worship the King whose kingdom is growing to fill the whole earth.