On Sunday we looked at the pattern of idolatry, the memory of faith, and the priority of God in Daniel chapter 3. Nebuchadnezzar is on display in this chapter as the idolater in chief. In this sense, his pattern of idolatry is one we all fall into. However, what is also on display in this chapter is how the Lord begins to rescue us from our own idolatries. He reminds us of his own reliable character.

The question in verse 15 is one we can ask ourselves in the face of temptation. Who is the God who will deliver me from (fill in the blank)? This allows us to step back from relying on ourselves as we are reminded of God’s faithful and proven character. Then we can answer, “You are the God who will deliver me.”

When we do that, we can bring all our desires to God. Whether our desire is, for example, for peace, or success, or to be a good mom or dad, or to live pain free. Whatever our desire may be, we lift it to the Lord and put it in his hands. We confess that we will not bow down to that desire, but will only bow down to God. We have a God who can be trusted.

Read Daniel 3:1-15

What is something in this passage that you can relate to?

How do you see the pattern of idolatry working out in this passage?

What is one example of how you’ve seen this pattern of idolatry working out in your own life?

How can we use our memory of God’s faithfulness to feed our faith?

What is one desire that is threatening to become like an idolatry in your life?

Pray for each other to trust God in every area of life.