We looked at Jesus’ last week through the lens of John’s Gospel on Sunday. It was in this context that we get to consider Jesus’ purpose, his soul, and his call on us. His purpose, as the seed that falls into the ground, was to die in order to bear fruit. Although this was the very reason he had come into the world, we saw the anguish of his soul as he considered self-preservation over against the price of purchasing salvation with his death.

This is the same temptation we all face, in one way or another. It is easy to serve ourselves, whether we dress that self-service up in rebellious or religious clothing. But Jesus’ call to follow him reorients us toward reality, where he is the center and my “self” is not. It’s only in this situation where my “self” can find its true identity, purpose, and security.

Read John 12:23-28

What stood out to you from the passage?

How do you identify with Jesus’ wrestling in verses 27-28?

Are you more tempted to serve yourself in a rebellious or religious way?

In what way(s) is your life the fruit of Jesus’ death?

What is one way you are fixing your eyes on Jesus this week?

Pray for each other, asking Jesus to be the center.