On Sunday we considered Daniel’s response in prayer to reading God’s word. When Daniel read what we read in Jeremiah 25 and 29, he was moved toward hope and prayer. In prayer, Daniel remembered God’s character, promises, and righteousness even as he confessed his own sins and the sins of his people. He prayed, appealing to God’s glory and asking him to act. This is a prayer we can all learn from.

What is even more amazing in this passage is God’s response to Daniel’s prayer. God’s plan to answer Daniel’s prayer went way beyond anything Daniel thought he was asking for. God’s answer is in line with what we read in Isaiah 53, in the passage prophesying the coming messiah, who would be cut off and stricken for the transgression of God’s people.

In all this, we can learn patience through the difficulties of this world, as we pray remembering God’s character and promises. Like Daniel, we can also pray in faith, looking forward to the coming of Christ.

Read Daniel 9:1-27

What stands out to you from Daniel’s prayer?

How can this prayer help strengthen your own praying?

What is a trial you are going through now for which you need prayer?

How has the Lord met you in prayer in the past?

Pray for each other, remembering God’s character and promises and appealing to God’s glory and action.