Daniel 10 gave us the opportunity to consider angelic realities in the context of Daniel’s fast. We got to see what is generally unseen as Daniel’s account pulled back the curtain on spiritual realities. Angels are spiritual beings who are intelligent, powerful, moral agents, created to serve God and God’s people. There are several different types of angels, according to the Bible, including “living creatures,” cherubim, seraphim, and, what we saw in Daniel 10, angels that look something like a man.

There is a lot of reality that is unseen. We need to also beware of false doctrine and speculation on angels. However, the context of this angelic visit in Daniel 10 was Daniel’s fast. For three weeks, he gave up common comforts as an expression of longing in prayer for the fulfillment of God’s plan. He did this to identify with the sins of his people and intercede for God’s rescue, unaware of the war in the heavenlies to make known the plan of God.

This is one place we see Jesus Christ through the life of Daniel. Jesus left heaven and entered our human community, setting aside his own comfort to identify with the sins of humanity. He did this to intercede for God’s rescue and make known God’s triumph on the earth and in the heavens.

Read Daniel 10:1-21

What do you think were some of the practical effects Daniel experienced during his fast?

Have you ever set aside time for fasting? What was your experience?

How can fasting help us turn our heart focus away from the comforts of this world and toward our comfort in God?

What would a “Daniel fast” look like for you?

Pray for each other, to find comfort in the promises and character of God.