Daniel 11 reminds us that history is heading toward a planned endpoint. The Bible describes history, not simply as human-manufactured, but as God-directed. In Daniel 11 we see accurate prophecy regarding Persia and Greece, that would find fulfillment between the years of 539 and 167 BC. The details of this passage leave us asking the question, “Why is this in our Bible?”

Daniel 11 reminds us that the entire Bible is about God. We see God’s sovereign knowledge. God displays his sovereign plan. God demonstrates his authoritative power in actual history.

When we remember this, our perspective is renewed. This also fuels our perseverance in faith and expands our hope as Christians. Our God is living and active in history and in our lives, for his glory and our good.

Read Daniel 11:1-45 (For a shorter alternative, read 11:1-21)

What stood out to you about God from this passage?

How have you seen God’s sovereign work in your own life?

How does the idea of God’s sovereignty give you hope and perseverance?

What are one or two ways God is currently at work in your life?

Pray for each other to have perseverance and hope in God.