In this last section of Daniel, there is a shift from historically accurate prophecy to a view of final things. That means final, as in when all of human history comes to its God-appointed conclusion. This is just one of the ways the Bible helps us as believers understand how the people of God fit into God’s plan in history. We can find hope in God’s overall plan, even when the specific moment we are experiencing seems difficult or painful.

Walking with Daniel through his experiences of God gives us several pointers on how to live in this waiting. First, we can take one of the questions of Daniel as our own: How long, O Lord? Second, we can, like Daniel, find our identity in God’s plan for his people, while we live as if in exile, waiting for the Lord and engaging our culture. Third, We can trust in the God who saved Daniel. We can read about his character and promises, and place our trust in him in each new challenge.

Read Daniel 12:1-13

What stands out to you from this chapter?

When have you been prompted to ask the question: How long, O Lord?

How have you found your identity in God, even as you experienced suffering?

What is some aspect of God’s character or promises that has been precious to you through difficult times?

Pray for each other to find your hope in God.