As we have walked through the book of Daniel we believe the Lord has spoken to us through several themes. This includes the themes of exile, God’s faithfulness, and God’s work through prophecy. This theme of exile especially connects Daniel’s experience to our own. This is true of both the suffering and the flourishing that is experienced by God’s people in exile. We are called to live and work in an engaging way while enduring the suffering of loss and identity in the midst of a fallen world.

In Daniel 11:32 we read what is implicitly communicated through the lives of God’s people in the book of Daniel: “The people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.” God’s work through his people in the book of Daniel gives us hope and perseverance to stand firm and take action in our own circumstances.

What has stuck with you from Sunday’s message?

How has the book of Daniel pointed you to Jesus Christ?

Where do you find strength to stand firm in Christ when you see others “deconstructing” their faith or walking away from faith in Christ?

What theme in Daniel strengthens your faith in Christ?

Pray for each other to stand firm in your faith and take action according to the Lord’s call.