Sunday we looked at four motivations for why believers serve in the gathering. Serving is an expression of the gospel; we serve because Jesus first served us!

What stuck with you from Sunday’s sermon?

Read 2 Corinthians 3.17-18
When you hear the words of this passage, how do you see Jesus? Respond to this summary in conversation: “Jesus shows us that the glory of God is to serve.”

Read Matthew 6.19-21
What are doing for God, with your time, that you aren’t getting paid for?  If it’s nothing or not as much as I feel convicted to, identify a way that the Holy Spirit would change you from one degree of glory to another.

Go around the horn and try to have each person identify a gift that they have received from God. With the idea intact that the members of a body are one with each other, how you using your gift(s) to serve the body?

Wrap your time focusing again on worshipping Jesus. He is so good to have served us all through giving his life as a ransom for us! Take time in personal and corporate prayer to bless God for serving us.