A faithful God…a faltering people…a future hope.

The books of 1 & 2 Kings continue the exploration of Israel’s kings, tracing over 400 years of history from the prosperity of Solomon’s reign to civil war and eventual exile. In their pages, we witness the construction of the temple which God fills with his presence, and we witness the people’s fall into idolatry as they turn to worship other gods. Wicked kings lead Israel and Judah away from the LORD, while God raises up prophets to call them back to himself. God’s people continue to rebel, yet hope remains for a true and better king to come — the coming Messiah — the forever king promised in 2 Samuel 7. Despite Israel’s persistent sins, their God remains faithfully present — leading, guiding, redeeming at every turn.

This fall you’ll have the option of:

Monday Night Bible Study at Kathryn Noon’s (7:30-9 pm)


Friday Morning Bible Study in the Youth Room at Redeemer Church (9:30-11 am); childcare is provided!

Our 8-week study begins on September 27/October 1 and finishes up the week before Thanksgiving.

Register ONLINE HERE! The cost is $10, and your workbook is provided. Once your registration is confirmed, you can pick up your Bible study book at the Welcome Center after church on Sunday! We’ll be completing Lesson One: 1 Kings 1-4 prior to our first meeting together.