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Discussion Questions for Romans 5:1-11

During our annual mission emphasis on Sunday we looked at Romans 5:1-11 where Paul highlights the benefits that come along with justification by faith in the work of Christ. He also demonstrates our response to those amazing benefits by pointing to the confidence and joy we find in what God has given us. This confidence […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 3:21-31

On Sunday, Eric gave us a tour of “the most important paragraph in the Bible.” He called this paragraph by that name because this is the seminal paragraph in the Bible regarding how God freely justifies sinners. He clarified that in justification, God is not calling bad people good, but confirming that they are sinners […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 3:1-20

On Sunday, Eric looked at the first twenty verses of Romans 3, and addressed original sin. We’ve all inherited the sin of Adam and experience total depravity. This does not mean that we are as bad as we could be (i.e. utter depravity), but that all of us are affected by sin in every aspect […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 2

On Sunday, we moved into the second chapter of Romans where Paul makes it explicit that God shows no partiality, but judges all sin in every human. Because of this, Eric pointed out that no matter how morally clean you think you are, no one is safe from the wrath of God outside of Christ. […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 1:21-25

You might find it helpful to begin your discussion with an ice-breaker question. On Sunday morning we looked Romans 1:21-25 as the first excursus in our Romans series. In this first excursus we looked at the topic of idolatry. Idolatry, as Tim Keller pointed out, is not merely one sin among many, but rather the […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 1:18-32

You may want to begin your discussion with an ice-breaker. On Sunday, Eric examined Romans 1:18-32, and observed that God’s righteousness is good news because God’s wrath is horrifying news. In these verses, Paul unpacks the word “saved,” and answers the question, “In the gospel, what does God save us from?” Read Romans 1:18-32 How […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 1:16-17

You may want to begin your discussion with an ice-breaker. On Sunday we looked at what John Calvin called the “hinge” of the book of Romans. In Romans 1:16-17 Paul summarizes his message to the Romans and points us toward the many other topics he will cover in his letter. This includes topics like sin […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 1:1-15

On Sunday, Eric dived into Romans 1:1-15 and detailed nine descriptors of the gospel. He pointed out that the gospel is God’s good news (1:1), God’s promise fulfilled (1:2), precisely predicted (1:2), wholly biblical (1:2), about a person (1:3), verified (1:4), Trinitarian (1:1-6), effective (1:6), and for the glory of God among the nations (1:6). […]

Think about these things

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. Philippians 4:8 Can hatred produce love? Can contempt and condemnation produce reconciliation and understanding? Can name calling produce unity? […]

Our Vision: The Gospel Creates Community

As a church for all people, our vision is to engage our city with the gospel of Jesus Christ that transforms lives, creates community, promotes justice, and renews culture both locally and globally. If the Gospel of Jesus Christ creates community, how can we engage this practically? First, we can recognize our human longing for community. […]