Discussion Questions for Daniel 7:13-28

After considering the beasts last week, we took a look at the second half of Daniel 7 on Sunday. In the second half of the chapter, Daniel sees not only […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 7:1-12

Daniel is a very interesting book of the Bible. Daniel 1-6 feels familiar as historical narrative. However, on Sunday we looked into chapter 7, which moves into apocalyptic literature. If […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 6:1-28

As we looked at Daniel chapter 6, we saw that although Daniel lived as an exile, he lived fully engaged in his culture. He maintained high personal integrity and demonstrated […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 5:1-30

On Sunday we moved into Daniel 5 and asked, “What happened and why?” When Belshazzar used the vessels of God’s temple to get drunk and toast the gods of gold, […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 4:34-37

This Sunday we waded back into Daniel after taking two weeks to celebrate Palm Sunday and Easter. Daniel 4:34-37 served as a springboard for us to consider the theme of […]

Discussion Questions for Easter Sunday

We celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Sunday by taking a look at our hope in heaven. Many Christians live this life with only half a hope. They picture […]

Discussion Questions For Palm Sunday

We looked at Jesus’ last week through the lens of John’s Gospel on Sunday. It was in this context that we get to consider Jesus’ purpose, his soul, and his […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 4:1-37

On Sunday we looked at Daniel chapter 4 and saw that God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. In King Nebuchadnezzar’s testimony, we can see the dangers […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 3:19-30

On Sunday we looked at the exciting conclusion to the story in Daniel chapter 3. We saw that Lord is faithful to reveal himself as the God who is able […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 3:14-23

On Sunday we considered the question, “Who gets to tell you what to think, believe, and do?” Perhaps negative answers come to mind, but this can be considered positively as […]