Discussion Questions for the week of July 4th: “The Gathering: Why Do We Sing?”

On Sunday we continued our “Gathering” series by diving into the first element of our Sunday gatherings. We reflected on the question, “Why do we gather on a weekly basis […]

Discussion Questions for the week of June 27th, “The Gathering”

As the last year forced us to approach church in creative ways, it also gave us the opportunity to reflect on the “why’s” and “how’s” of church. At Redeemer Church, […]

Discussion Questions for “Daniel: For a Lifetime”

As we have walked through the book of Daniel we believe the Lord has spoken to us through several themes. This includes the themes of exile, God’s faithfulness, and God’s […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 11:40-12:13

In this last section of Daniel, there is a shift from historically accurate prophecy to a view of final things. That means final, as in when all of human history […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 11:1-45

Daniel 11 reminds us that history is heading toward a planned endpoint. The Bible describes history, not simply as human-manufactured, but as God-directed. In Daniel 11 we see accurate prophecy […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 10:1-21

Daniel 10 gave us the opportunity to consider angelic realities in the context of Daniel’s fast. We got to see what is generally unseen as Daniel’s account pulled back the […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 9:1-27

On Sunday we considered Daniel’s response in prayer to reading God’s word. When Daniel read what we read in Jeremiah 25 and 29, he was moved toward hope and prayer. […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 8

On Sunday we looked at more “theology in picture” in Daniel chapter 8. In this chapter, Daniel experiences a vision about the kingdoms of Media-Persia and Greece which literally makes […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 7:13-28

After considering the beasts last week, we took a look at the second half of Daniel 7 on Sunday. In the second half of the chapter, Daniel sees not only […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 7:1-12

Daniel is a very interesting book of the Bible. Daniel 1-6 feels familiar as historical narrative. However, on Sunday we looked into chapter 7, which moves into apocalyptic literature. If […]