Discussion Questions for Romans 8:1-11

Eric reminded us on Sunday that studying Romans is like filling up a bowl of Grandma’s stew; all the good stuff is at the bottom. As we stirred up Romans […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 8:1-4

On Sunday we dived in to Romans 8, where Paul isn’t simply providing a water hose to put out the fire of condemnation in our lives, but instead wants to […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 7:7-25

This Sunday we wrestled with the frustrating, but very common, experience that Paul describes in Romans 7. Why do we do the thing we don’t want to do? As Eric […]

The Long Road of Sanctification

As I was digging into sanctification last week, I asked my community group their thoughts about sanctification and especially what their questions were. One of the questions that came up […]

Discussion Questions for Week of January 26

On Sunday we took a closer look at sanctification: what it is, how it works, and how we pursue sanctification. We saw that God makes us holy through a cooperative […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 7:1-6

On Sunday we looked at how the gospel fundamentally changes the nature, power for, and motivation of our obedience to Christ as we now bear fruit for him. Since believers […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 6:12-23

On Sunday we were invited to use our imaginations to follow Paul’s argument in Romans 6. Paul makes it clear that there is no middle ground; either we present ourselves […]

Discussion Questions for week of January 5

Eric reflected on the first 5 chapters of Romans and opened 2020 by asking us to reflect on this question: At the end of 2029, where do you want to […]

Discussion Questions for the week of December 15

On Sunday, Eric gave us a tour of one of the names of Jesus Christ to show us that Christmas proves God is fiercely committed to dwell with his people. […]

Discussion Questions for the Week of December 8

On Sunday, we began to focus on the coming of Christ, also known as the incarnation. According to the prophecy of Genesis 3:15, we see that the coming of Christ […]