Discussion Questions for Romans 12:14-21

On Sunday we looked at these exhortations within the context of the phrase “the obedience of faith.” Paul uses this phrase as bookends in Romans, in 1:6 and 16:27. In […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 12:9-13

On Sunday we looked at Paul’s expectation that those who have been bought with the precious blood of Christ will begin to “live into” their new identity in Christ. The […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 12:1

On Sunday we crossed a major division in Romans, from the first eleven chapters to the last five. In chapter 12, Paul begins to answer the question, “How do we […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 11:33-36

On Sunday Eric pointed us toward Paul’s response to God’s revelation in Romans. Paul’s response to the gospel is explosive worship in verses 33-36. This exaltation is fueled by what […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 11:11-32

On Sunday we looked at the future of Israel, God’s sovereign mercy, and the humble response of faith. We explored Paul’s expectation of a dramatic turning of ethnic Israel toward […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 10:13-11:10

On Sunday we saw how Paul is doing three things in this passage. First, he plays defense attorney for God and his word, pointing out how God’s word has not […]

Discussion Questions for “God, the Gospel, and Racism”

On Sunday Eric looked back into Romans 10 for guidance in the midst of the tension our country is experiencing. He pointed us to the non-discriminating heart of God. In […]

Derek Chauvin, George Floyd, and Gospel Imagination

This image has been constantly before us: a white police officer kneeling on a black man’s neck, while a small crowd gathers to bear witness. Now we know the white […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 9:30-10:13

Paul makes it clear that salvation by faith in Jesus Christ offends self-righteous pride. We are hard-wired to think we are more acceptable when we are good. This truth speaks […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 9:14-29

On Sunday we looked further into God’s prerogative and purpose in salvation. Eric reminded us that its easy to get turned upside-down in Romans 9. We’ll get mixed up if […]