Discussion Questions for Daniel 2:1-25

In the second chapter of Daniel, we read about a king who had a troubling dream. He demanded to know its meaning but refused to tell the dream to his […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 1:17-21

The theme of exile runs through the narrative of scripture. Peter picks up on this theme when he identifies Christian believers as “elect exiles” in 1 Peter 1:1. Being an […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 1:1-21

Daniel lived most of his life in Babylon. When we try to think about what we have in common with an Old Testament believer like Daniel, the New Testament writers […]

Discussion Questions for “Daniel: Thriving in Babylon”

On Sunday we began our new sermon series through the book of Daniel. This Old Testament narrative gives us a glimpse of life in Babylon during its glory days, around […]

Discussion Questions for January 3, 2021

On Sunday, Eric offered four words for us to consider from Philippians 1:1-10. As we consider the year we’ve come from and the year we are beginning, these words serve […]

Discussion Questions for December 6, 2020

As Eric noted on Sunday, “one does not simply come to the end of the book of Romans.” However, Sunday’s message represents the end of our fifteen-month sermon series through […]

Discussion Questions for Sunday, November 29th

We are thankful for the Holy Spirit. As a church, we have a deep desire to welcome the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. The book of Romans should […]

Discussion Questions for Sunday, November 15th

On Sunday we reflected on the Epistle to the Romans through the lens of missions. Through this lens, we saw Romans as evidence of Christian mission, as testimony of God’s […]

Discussion Questions for Sunday, November 8

On Sunday, Eric showed us how the historical grew out of the biblical. More specifically, he took us on a reflective tour of Romans, showing us how the five points […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 16:25-27

On Sunday we looked at the concluding doxology of Paul’s letter to the Romans. This gave us the opportunity to consider four reflections on the gospel. First, God strengthens us […]