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Google Glass and the Holy Spirit

Google, the internet search giant, has recently introduced a piece of hardware called Google Glass.  This prototype tech brings together two of Google’s goals: accessibility and ubiquity.  Ever since its inception, Google has been working to put all the world’s information at your fingertips, whenever and wherever they might be.  It is this goal that […]

The Active Presence and Ministry of the Holy Spirit

This Sunday we looked at our fourth core value.  We are eager to experience the active presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit at Redeemer.  Toward that end, we considered three questions: Who is the Holy Spirit?, What does the Holy Spirit do?, and How can we experience the presence and ministry of the Holy […]

Apply: The Opportunity of a Spirit-filled Family

As we move into Ephesians 6, we see Paul continuing to turn standard expectations for Roman household relationships on their heads because of the Gospel. We also start to get a vision for what a Gospel household can look like. This Sunday, we looked at Ephesians 6:1-4 and focused on the opportunity of children to […]

Apply: The Whole Body Makes the Body Grow

Paul had a picture in his mind as he wrote to the Ephesian church. He pictured a church that was mature and well-equipped, ready to take a stand in the struggle to establish the rule of Christ in the heavens and the earth. He grounds this vision in a comparison between Moses and Jesus by […]

Apply: The Gospel and the Priority of Unity

We love the gospel and every Sunday we try to look into the gospel in order to consider what God has accomplished in giving us his Son Jesus Christ. Inevitably, we often consider the gospel message from our personal and human perspective. This past Sunday, we considered the gospel from the perspective of Jesus. Where […]

Apply: What Does Job Know?

As if the pain that suffering causes in this life is not bad enough, the questions which suffering raises can even magnify our experience of that pain. Maybe you can identify with the experience of Job, who was afflicted by suffering and subsequently inundated with questions and analysis springing up out of that suffering. On […]

Apply: Praying For Your Encouragement

In the first three chapters of Ephesians we hear Paul not only teaching, but also praying for the believers whom he is addressing in this letter. It is our privilege to be able to both hear and participate in his praying. On Paul’s heart in Ephesians 3:1-13 is that we would know the mystery of […]

My Redeemer Lives

Last night as I watched the news of the Oklahoma tornado come in on CNN, I did not find it hard to pray for those who were walking through this devastation. Parents searching for lost children. People trying to ascertain the status of missing family members. First Responders wading into the wreckage of collapsed buildings […]

Apply: The One True Man

In your Care Group this week, I invite you to read over the text from Mark 14:53-72, as it is arranged below. The scripture is all there, but the two passages have been interleaved so that the passage depicting Peter’s denial is inserted within the text of Jesus’ trial before the Sanhedrin. This may help […]

A Prayer of Praise – Romans 8:26-39

Father, I praise you for sending the Holy Spirit who helps us to pray in our weakness. We are weak in many ways but these days set aside for prayer and fasting bring us face to face with one particular weakness: Father, we do not know what to pray for. Father, I praise you for […]