Apply: Praying For Your Encouragement

In the first three chapters of Ephesians we hear Paul not only teaching, but also praying for the believers whom he is addressing in this letter. It is our privilege […]

My Redeemer Lives

Last night as I watched the news of the Oklahoma tornado come in on CNN, I did not find it hard to pray for those who were walking through this […]

Apply: The One True Man

In your Care Group this week, I invite you to read over the text from Mark 14:53-72, as it is arranged below. The scripture is all there, but the two […]

A Prayer of Praise – Romans 8:26-39

Father, I praise you for sending the Holy Spirit who helps us to pray in our weakness. We are weak in many ways but these days set aside for prayer […]

Apply: The Invading King

This Sunday we walked through Luke 2:1-14. In what has become a traditional Christmas text, Luke describes an invasion of a little known king into the world power of that […]