Review: The Same Old Sin and The Same Faithful God

Sunday we continued our sermon series titled, The Gospel According to Abraham by walking through Genesis chapter 20 verses 1-18. There we examined the account of Abraham telling an old […]

Review: Abraham’s Faith Tested Through Warfare

Sunday we continued our sermon series titled, The Gospel According to Abraham with a message from Genesis chapter 14.  Once again we observed Abram’s faith in the Lord being tested […]

The Profitability and Priority of Preaching

On Sunday we covered our seventh core value: The Profitability and Priority of Preaching. Our sermon came from 2 Timothy 4:1-4, where we examined the Apostle Paul’s solemn charge to […]

Apply: The Beauty of Spirit-filled Submission

Greeting saints! Sunday we continued our sermon series in the book of Ephesians. There in chapter five verses 22-24, the Apostle Paul continued to unpack the call to Spirit empowered […]

Apply: An Unforgetable Display of the Humanity of Christ

Good morning, Saints! Sunday we picked up our preaching series in the Gospel according to Mark by examining chapter 14 verses 32-42. There we saw an unforgettable display of the […]

Our 25th Anniversary Tomorrow

Good afternoon saints, As we gather tomorrow to worship our Lord Jesus Christ, we’ll specifically spend time rejoicing and thanking the Lord for 25 years of faithfulness to our church. […]

Apply: The Glorious Christ Tranfigured

On Sunday, we continued our preaching series through the gospel according to Mark with a sermon from Mark 9:2-13. There we took a close look at the event commonly known […]

Apply: Jesus, Lord of the Storm

Yesterday we heard a sermon from Mark 6:45 – 56. In this account Jesus forcefully commands His disciples to “get in the boat” and head out to Bethsaida. In heeding […]

Apply: Jesus Under Pressure

Yesterday we explored Mark 3:7-19. In this passage we saw Jesus experience and respond to pressure in his public ministry. The main truth we discovered was, In the midst of […]

Apply: Oh No He Didn’t, Oh Yes He Did

Sunday we continued our sermon series through the Gospel according to Mark. We examined the second of 5 conflict stories that Mark records for us in chapters 2 and 3.  […]