Community Groups

Making Disciples Together

What if church wasn’t just a place you go, but also who you are?

What if a handful of disciples lived out their Christian faith with you in the everyday stuff of life? You’d share meals, watch each other’s kids, party together, serve your city, restore what’s broken in your neighborhood, talk about Jesus a lot, and see new people begin to follow him. It would be messy, it would be magnificent, and it would be Jesus’ vision for his church.

Community Groups are the primary way we build meaningful relationships and live our lives on mission together. These smaller groups of people provide an opportunity to know others and be known within Redeemer Church. Through these relationships, we mutually challenge, encourage, and support one another to truly believe who we are in Jesus and join Jesus on mission in our cities, neighborhood by neighborhood.

Each community group meets regularly to eat, pray, read the Bible and be together on mission, doing what Jesus has called us to do as disciples.

We believe that God meets with us as we meet with one another and the result is that our lives, the lives of others, and our cities experience the renewing power of Jesus.

Whether you consider yourself a part of Redeemer Church—or if you’re just checking out what it looks like to follow Jesus—it is our desire that everyone would be an active member in one of these communities that God uses to bring renewal to our lives & our cities.

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