2 Samuel Bible Study Links

September 23, 2020

2 Samuel Bible Study Links

September 23, 2020


Audio link for Week 10 from 11/16/20: https://redeemer.local/archives/ladies-bible-study-2-samuel-lesson-10/

Audio link for Week 9 from 11/9/20: https://redeemer.local/archives/ladies-bible-study-2-samuel-lesson-9/

Audio link for Week 8 from 11/2/20: https://redeemer.local/archives/ladies-bibel-study-2-samuel-lesson-8/

Audio link for Week 7 from 10/26/20: https://redeemer.local/archives/ladies-bible-study-2-samuel-lesson-7/

Audio link for Week 6 from 10/19/20: https://redeemer.local/archives/ladies-bible-study-2-samuel-lesson-6/

Audio link for Week 5 from 10/12/20: https://redeemer.local/archives/ladies-bible-study-second-samuel-lesson-5/

Audio link for Week 4 from 10/5/20: https://redeemer.local/archives/ladies-bible-study-second-samuel-lesson-4/

Audio Link for Week 3 from 9/28/20: https://redeemer.local/archives/ladies-bible-study-2-samuel-lesson-3/

Audio Link for Week 2 from 9/21/20: https://redeemer.local/archives/ladies-bible-study-2-samuel-lesson-2/

Audio Link for Week 1 from 9/14/20: https://redeemer.local/archives/ladies-bible-study-2-samuel-lesson-1/


Good morning! Thanks for coming out Monday night! For those of you who couldn’t make it, we missed you!

Just a few things:

Thank you for being honest about how difficult it was for you to hear at times during our group discussion, even with us being spread around the room. Between the room acoustics, the space between chairs, and wearing masks, it was a challenge! We’re going to be using different rooms for the discussion groups — the Youth Room, one of the classrooms, and the lobby. You’ll still come in through the front doors, but we’ll probably have someone at the door to direct you into whatever room still has space available.

Many of you mentioned you only have 1 part of the 2-page Attributes of God list. If you have access to a printer you can download the workbook at the link below and print the page yourself. Mimi has also made copies of the entire list (front and back) and punched them for your notebooks; I will have those available on Monday evening. That way, you can insert it into your comb-bound book (you might have to do it in the front of the book if the combs are oriented that way, but at least it will be attached to the rest of the book!)

Just a reminder that the Village Church used the ESV version of the Bible for this study, so you should reference that version for any of those “fill in the blank” questions. (https://www.biblegateway.com)

The link below has not only the notebook download but also a link to all of the lesson teachings done at the Village Church 2 Samuel study. These are about 50-60 minutes long and they teach through the chapters verse by verse. The Village Church 2 Samuel Study: https://www.tvcresources.net/resource…/guides/2-samuel/.