Discussion Questions for Daniel 2:1-25

February 9, 2021

Discussion Questions for Daniel 2:1-25

February 9, 2021

In the second chapter of Daniel, we read about a king who had a troubling dream. He demanded to know its meaning but refused to tell the dream to his most trusted advisers. This impossible command created a panic and a crisis.

Contrasted with that, we read about Daniel who did not panic. Instead, he asked questions, took his time, asked his trusted friends to pray, and waited on God. As a result, Daniel received a “vision of the night” which answered the king’s demand and brought resolution to the crisis.

There is a profound God-centeredness to this narrative. Daniel appears to be the hero of this story, but in reality Daniel recognized he had nothing to give and depended on God to provide the impossible. This narrative is an invitation for us to also trust the Lord in every crisis we face.

Read Daniel 2:1-25

What stands out to you from the passage?

How is God at the center of this narrative?

What is one crisis or challenge you are facing right now?

How is this crisis or challenge an opportunity to trust the Lord?

How can you involve trusted believers in prayer about this crisis or challenge?

Pray for each other, asking the Lord to lead and provide in every crisis and challenge.