Discussion Questions for Daniel 11:1-45

Daniel 11 reminds us that history is heading toward a planned endpoint. The Bible describes history, not simply as human-manufactured, but as God-directed. In Daniel 11 we see accurate prophecy […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 10:1-21

Daniel 10 gave us the opportunity to consider angelic realities in the context of Daniel’s fast. We got to see what is generally unseen as Daniel’s account pulled back the […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 9:1-27

On Sunday we considered Daniel’s response in prayer to reading God’s word. When Daniel read what we read in Jeremiah 25 and 29, he was moved toward hope and prayer. […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 8

On Sunday we looked at more “theology in picture” in Daniel chapter 8. In this chapter, Daniel experiences a vision about the kingdoms of Media-Persia and Greece which literally makes […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 7:13-28

After considering the beasts last week, we took a look at the second half of Daniel 7 on Sunday. In the second half of the chapter, Daniel sees not only […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 7:1-12

Daniel is a very interesting book of the Bible. Daniel 1-6 feels familiar as historical narrative. However, on Sunday we looked into chapter 7, which moves into apocalyptic literature. If […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 6:1-28

As we looked at Daniel chapter 6, we saw that although Daniel lived as an exile, he lived fully engaged in his culture. He maintained high personal integrity and demonstrated […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 5:1-30

On Sunday we moved into Daniel 5 and asked, “What happened and why?” When Belshazzar used the vessels of God’s temple to get drunk and toast the gods of gold, […]

Discussion Questions for Daniel 4:34-37

This Sunday we waded back into Daniel after taking two weeks to celebrate Palm Sunday and Easter. Daniel 4:34-37 served as a springboard for us to consider the theme of […]

Discussion Questions for Easter Sunday

We celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Sunday by taking a look at our hope in heaven. Many Christians live this life with only half a hope. They picture […]