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Why Church Matters

This past Sunday we concluded our study of 1 Thessalonians.  What a rich and encouraging letter this is; from Paul the Apostle to a church that was living, growing and ready!  We concluded the series with the idea that each of us longs to throw our lives into something bigger than ourselves.  God has wired […]

Our Vision: The Gospel Creates Community

As a church for all people, our vision is to engage our city with the gospel of Jesus Christ that transforms lives, creates community, promotes justice, and renews culture both locally and globally. If the Gospel of Jesus Christ creates community, how can we engage this practically? First, we can recognize our human longing for community. […]

Double Grace

John Calvin used the Latin term “duplex gratia” to describe the tension we often run into when we talk about the doctrines of justification and sanctification (John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, 3.11.1).  Translated “double grace” or “twofold benefit,” this term points to a picture that can help us wrestle with a fundamental theological […]

The Gospel According to Abraham: A Wife for His Son

This past Sunday we continued our series through Genesis, looking at the life of Abraham and asking, “What can we learn about God’s work in the gospel here?” Our text was Genesis 24, the longest chapter in the book of Genesis. In this chapter, we see Abraham attempting his last great act of faith: finding […]

Review: Promises Kept

God is faithful!  What good news that is!  He keeps His word.  He does as He says, as He promised, and according to His perfect timing.  And what’s amazing is God always keeps His promises even to the least deserving.  That is what we learned this past Sunday in Genesis 21:1-21.  We studied the birth […]

Review: The Same Old Sin and The Same Faithful God

Sunday we continued our sermon series titled, The Gospel According to Abraham by walking through Genesis chapter 20 verses 1-18. There we examined the account of Abraham telling an old lie, resulting in his wife Sarah being taken into the household of King Abimelech. The main truth we discovered in this passage is that, God […]

Review: God the Just

God’s wrath is an uncomfortable subject.  It’s uncomfortable to think about and is certainly difficult to preach about at times.  But it is necessary and important to realize that the Scriptures speak of God’s hatred for sin and the necessary punishment of sinners by a holy God.  His character demands His wrath be poured out […]

Review: Our Covenant God

In Genesis 17 after 23 years since the original promise, when Abram was 99 years old God appeared once again to Abraham.  We read the story about how God reaffirmed His promise and also added the practice of circumcision as a sign of the covenant.  And with all that is going on in this wonderful […]

Review: How Can We Be Sure?

Abram wasn’t in a good place even after all of the events of chapter 14, where he conquered kings, rescued his nephew, refused plunder, and tithed to Melchizedek.  We know this first because God instructs him to “fear not” implying Abram was struggling with fear.  And second, because for the first time Abram talks back […]

Review: Blessing and Prosperity

Does wealth equal the blessing of God?  In Genesis 13:2 we find out that Abram was “very rich.”  He was exceedingly wealthy in livestock, silver and gold and this makes sense because God had promised to “bless” Abram.  So, is there a direct correlation between “blessing” and health and wealth?  These are the questions I […]