Discussion Questions for Daniel 7:1-12

May 4, 2021

Discussion Questions for Daniel 7:1-12

May 4, 2021

Daniel is a very interesting book of the Bible. Daniel 1-6 feels familiar as historical narrative. However, on Sunday we looked into chapter 7, which moves into apocalyptic literature. If prophecy is theology in prediction, then apocalyptic is theology in picture. While the goal of prophecy is to call people to repentance, the goal of apocalyptic is to give people hope in God.

In Daniel chapter 7, Daniel describes a dream in which four beasts work against God’s created order by making war, destroying, and devouring. This was a foretelling of events that were future for Daniel, but is “Ancient Near Eastern” history for us. However, we continue to see these kinds of forces at work in our world and in our hearts.

And yet, we see that God set a time for these powers to come to an end. Because of this, even while we lament the destruction, we continue to hope. We see there is a God-ordained victory that is coming. This victory is found ultimately in Jesus.

Read Daniel 7:1-12

What is your experience and comfort level with apocalyptic portions of scripture?

In Genesis, we read that God made humans in the image of God, but that sin has twisted our experience of this. How does this passage in Daniel help you reflect on the effect of sin on humanity?

Eric said that, because of God’s coming victory, we lament with hope. What does that look like, to “lament with hope”?

How do you see “lamenting with hope” in the life of Jesus?

For added consideration, click here for a Bible Project video that Eric referred to on Sunday.

Close in a time prayer for each other, to persevere in hope through the dangers and sorrows of this world.