Discussion Questions for Romans 11:11-32

On Sunday we looked at the future of Israel, God’s sovereign mercy, and the humble response of faith. We explored Paul’s expectation of a dramatic turning of ethnic Israel toward […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 10:13-11:10

On Sunday we saw how Paul is doing three things in this passage. First, he plays defense attorney for God and his word, pointing out how God’s word has not […]

Discussion Questions for “God, the Gospel, and Racism”

On Sunday Eric looked back into Romans 10 for guidance in the midst of the tension our country is experiencing. He pointed us to the non-discriminating heart of God. In […]

Derek Chauvin, George Floyd, and Gospel Imagination

This image has been constantly before us: a white police officer kneeling on a black man’s neck, while a small crowd gathers to bear witness. Now we know the white […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 8:26-30

In Romans 8, Paul offers us an anchor for our souls. He wants us to know that we are held fast, secure in the midst of many kinds of evil […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 8:12-25

On Sunday, we looked at Romans 8 and considered how suffering is the pathway to unimaginable glory. This is because the way of Jesus is death before life. When we […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 8:12-17

Romans 8 can be called “the Holy Spirit chapter” in this letter because Paul is so intent to describe the work of the Spirit that he names him 15 times […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 8:1-11

Eric reminded us on Sunday that studying Romans is like filling up a bowl of Grandma’s stew; all the good stuff is at the bottom. As we stirred up Romans […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 8:1-4

On Sunday we dived in to Romans 8, where Paul isn’t simply providing a water hose to put out the fire of condemnation in our lives, but instead wants to […]

Discussion Questions for Romans 7:7-25

This Sunday we wrestled with the frustrating, but very common, experience that Paul describes in Romans 7. Why do we do the thing we don’t want to do? As Eric […]